About Me

My name is Annisa Fitri. I was born in May 9th, 1989. My parents gave me that name since I was a baby girl (Annisa) who was born on Eid Fitri. I have one loving brother whom I address as Deyo,  and he call me as Teteh. Other people usually call me Nisa, or Fitri. Although, I doesn’t mind to be called as Icca or Nica just because it does sounds cute. :3

I’ve spent my 25 years living in Indonesia, 21 years of it in its overpopulated capital city, Jakarta (my home is in Bekasi, though) and spent 4 years of it in Bandung, memorable city where I took my undergraduate in Institut Teknologi Bandung.

On 2011, I’ve graduated my bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering. Not long after that until early of 2015, I was working on one of leading telecommunication vendor, Huawei, as a Solution Sales. Currently, I live in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, following my husband who enrolled at KAUST doctoral program.

During leisure time, I love watching movies, listening to musics, and singing. Sometimes, I don’t mind to go to cinema alone and watch my favorite movie. That’s one of my me-time. :D

I also have an interest in cooking and baking. After doing experiment in cook and bake, I found that my sense of taste is not that bad. Although to be honest, I prefer eating and eating. :p

Besides that, I love to travel, plan a trip and take photos. Hopefully, I will be able to travel the world together with my husband, see beautiful places, taste new foods, and know more about other cultures.

To know me more:

My instagram and twitter, another pieces of my life in this digital world



  1. ssabrina · May 23, 2010

    ayoo barengan ke jerman ;d

  2. ReadersHeaven · September 23, 2010

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. adrian10fajri · September 28, 2012

    Good blog..

    Groten, Mein name ist Adrian Fajriansyah, guten morgen.. :)

    pkey, if you want, plaese also visit my blog >> http://www.adrian10fajri.wordpress.com (blog Pesona Palembang)..

    Hopefully plaesed.. ^_^

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