Things I’m grateful for

  1. Allah SWT
  2. Ibu, Bapak, Adik
  3. Having a relationship with Aditya Prabaswara
  4. My pets: Axel, Brando, Chiro, Hamtaro
  5. Teman
  6. ITB, STEI, and Telecommunication Engineering
  7. HME
  8. Kerja praktek di PT Indosat, Tbk
  9. My laptop computer
  10. Internet
  11. Wireless technology and mobile internet
  12. Twitter, wordpress blog, tumblr, plurk
  13. Scientific calculator
  14. Glasses and soft lenses
  15. Film, serial, dan bioskop
  16. Karaoke
  17. Hot showers
  18. Teh tawar anget
  19. Chocolate
  20. Coffee
  21. Wedges
  22. Hand sanitizer
  23. Lip gloss
  24. Crispy-fluffy waffle
  25. Colourful things
  26. Camera
  27. Air conditioner
  28. Sepeda
  29. Payung lipat
  30. Badminton

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